Album picture of Please Try Me #1

Please Try Me #1

Various Artists


Album Tracks

Brooke Candy Luv Albinos Congo 03:43
Goldilocks Awhat? 03:23
From Ages to Ashes Beardy Bears Breakfast 04:18
MEHDYiTune Bisou de Saddam 03:55
Un radiateur pour réchauffer mon cœur Bob Guerec et le Fils à Bernard 03:20
Come Down Byron 03:13
Behind Time Cockpit 02:00
Whisky Head DDASH 01:50
Brooklyn High Enlarge Your Monster 04:05
Citizen Ken Geste 04:37
Backlash The Hi-Lites 02:11
The Priest and the Devil Sam Fleish 03:04
There Is a light Seb & The Rhâââ Dicks 02:38
Black Velvet Tisiphone 02:11
Home Swamp Home Torticoli 05:52
Slalom Triceps 01:51

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