Album picture of An Evening with Avatarium (Live)

An Evening with Avatarium (Live)



Album Tracks

Intro (Live) Avatarium 01:11
Voices (Live) Avatarium 04:34
Rubicon (Live) Avatarium 05:54
Into the Fire / Into the Storm (Live) Avatarium 04:16
Lay Me Down (Live) Avatarium 04:45
Jennie-Ann Talks (Live) Avatarium 01:48
Avatarium (Live) Avatarium 09:06
Shake That Demon (Live) Avatarium 03:35
Pearls and Coffins (Live) Avatarium 10:50
In My Time of Dying (Live) Avatarium 03:56
Medusa Child (Live) Avatarium 06:13
The Sky at the Bottom of the Sea (Live) Avatarium 05:25
Jennie-Ann Talks 2 (Live) Avatarium 01:32
The Fire I Long For (Live) Avatarium 06:21
Girl with the Raven Mask (Live) Avatarium 05:36
Stars They Move (Live) Avatarium 03:40
Moonhorse (Live) Avatarium 10:38

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