Album picture of Habroxia 2 (Original Game Soundtrack)

Habroxia 2 (Original Game Soundtrack)



Album Tracks

Echoes in the Void (Opening) Hangongetready 01:46
Mission Critical (Level Select) Hangongetready 01:55
Into Infinity (Level) Hangongetready 01:47
Interstellar Resolve (Level) Hangongetready 02:18
Zero Hour (Level) Hangongetready 01:53
Cruising Through Eternity (Level) Hangongetready 01:52
Evasive Action (Level) Hangongetready 02:40
Edge Of The Penumbra (Level) Hangongetready 02:19
Arrive Engage (Boss Fight) Hangongetready 02:06
Decree Of The Allfather (Final Boss) Hangongetready 01:34

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