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Holy Fire



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Album Tracks

Prelude Foals 04:07
Inhaler Foals 04:52
My Number Foals 03:58
Bad Habit Foals 04:40
Everytime Foals 04:02
Late Night Foals 05:27
Out of the Woods Foals 03:24
Milk & Black Spiders Foals 05:17
Providence Foals 04:07
Stepson Foals 04:48
Moon Foals 04:53
Bluebird (B-Side) Foals 03:08
Milk & Black Spiders (CCTV Sessions) Foals 06:17
Bad Habit (CCTV Sessions) Foals 04:46
Stepson (CCTV Sessions) Foals 07:13
Late Night (CCTV Sessions) Foals 06:51
Bluebird (CCTV Sessions) Foals 04:02
Moon (CCTV Sessions) Foals 05:25

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