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Album Tracks

The French Open Foals 03:45
Cassius Foals 03:49
Red Socks Pugie Foals 05:15
Olympic Airways Foals 04:12
Electric Bloom Foals 04:55
Balloons Foals 02:59
Heavy Water Foals 04:32
Two Steps, Twice Foals 04:39
Big Big Love (Fig.2) Foals 05:47
Like Swimming Foals 01:57
Tron Foals 04:50
Hummer (Bonus Track) Foals 02:54
Mathletics (Bonus Track) Foals 03:08
Dearth (B-Side) Foals 03:02
Titan Arum (B-Side) Foals 05:09
Gold Gold Gold (B-Side) Foals 05:48
Glaciers (B-Side) Foals 07:46
Astronauts and All (B-Side) Foals 03:10
Big Big Love (Fig. 1) (B-Side) Foals 04:39
Brazil Is Here (B-Side) Foals 04:21

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