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Album Tracks

Enter the Storm (Intro) Mephisto 01:03
Storming War Anthems Mephisto 03:50
Pentafixion Mephisto 03:24
The Birth Mephisto 04:45
Rebellion Mephisto 04:46
The Falling Mephisto 05:07
Curse of the Pharaoh Mephisto 04:30
The Mighty Ring Mephisto 06:26
From Hobbiton Toward the Mountains of Gorgoroth Mephisto 04:01
The Last Battle Mephisto 07:10
The Undivine Blessing Mephisto 05:16
Yavhe Sabbaoth (King of Nobody) Mephisto 04:02
Burning Fantoft Mephisto 06:34

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