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Album Tracks

Ceremony of Innocence Stendeck 04:57
Thirteen Wolves Mass Conspiracy Stendeck 05:09
New Dark Age Stendeck 04:20
Somewhere Nobody Knows Stendeck 05:56
The Lost Gardens of Heligan Stendeck 02:58
Streams of Oblivion Stendeck 06:21
The Downstairs Room Stendeck 04:41
Carnage (Dans Les Brumes De La Haine) Stendeck 04:11
Red Neon Stendeck 06:24
Eyeless Creatures Gently Stifle the Ivy Lady Stendeck 05:28
Queen of Beauty Tragic Obsession Stendeck 05:05
The deviating Harmony of Catastrophes Stendeck 05:41
On the shore of the dying sun we will find Temporary Peace Stendeck 07:57


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