Album picture of Lost in the Green Inferno

Lost in the Green Inferno



Album Tracks

Boom Cannibal Boom Creepersin 02:48
When She Sees Me She Screams Creepersin 02:27
Formaldehyde Hide Creepersin 02:37
I Need a Mate Creepersin 02:15
Sickle Sick Creepersin 01:53
Glory to the Rhythm of Death Creepersin 03:39
War of the Zombies Creepersin 02:17
Skeletons fromt he Closet Creepersin 02:23
Yvonne De Carlo Creepersin 01:54
The Calling Creepersin 02:23
Monster From Long Ago


Creepersin 02:40
Suzy Sasquatch Strikes Second Creepersin 02:23
Gett'er Mommy Kill'er Creepersin 03:42

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