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Effective. Power



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Album Tracks

Bethlehem Entity Xmas Party Gifts Thru the Dna Spiral MIMIDEATH 01:11
Fucked Up in the Crib Drinkin' Doctor Bob MIMIDEATH 01:03
Calcium MIMIDEATH 03:26
assadist pussy got me actin strange MIMIDEATH 01:15
pull up in a rawrie XD MIMIDEATH 01:06
wat it feels like to get trepanned MIMIDEATH 01:03
if god didnt want us to snort worms he wouldn't have made them cylindrical! MIMIDEATH 00:58
Wwhy Do They Call It A Oven When You Of In The Cold Food And Of Out The Hot Food MIMIDEATH 01:04
girls just want 2 have fun MIMIDEATH 01:57

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