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L3 Collective

Dave Chick


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Album Tracks

Counting Sheep


Dave Chick, Alexandra Willett 03:23
Behind the Wheel Dave Chick 04:31
A Day to Not Forget Dave Chick, Camryn Barry 03:20
Inconceivable Dave Chick 03:22
Count Me Out Dave Chick, CJ Cooper 04:06
I Can't Hear You Anymore Dave Chick, James Downham 03:54
My Halloween Costume Dave Chick 03:39
Under the Moon Dave Chick, Tanya Rivero 03:22
She Dave Chick 04:26
Stranger (Switch City Soundtrack Version) Emma Alves 03:12
The Dream Dave Chick 03:02
Baby Just Turn Me On Dave Chick, James Downham 02:59
Hoping Hojo Was Right Dave Chick 03:54
Great Divide Dave Chick, JP Sunga, Amanda Kind 04:06
My Halloween Costume (With Voice Over) [Bonus Track] Dave Chick 04:25


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