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Marginal Metal

Facing Fear


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Album Tracks

We Will Arrive Facing Fear 03:45
Figthing Game Facing Fear, Pablo Diego 05:13
Music Hero Facing Fear, Jay Roxx, Jorge Veloso 04:06
Marginal Metal Facing Fear, Valcir Júnior 03:55
Likers And Lovers Facing Fear, Oskar Jacobsson, Rod Wolf 04:57
I'm Crazy Facing Fear, Kelly Hipólito, Luo Campanelly 04:15
Don't Wanna See Facing Fear, Valcir Júnior 04:39
That's How Life Flows Facing Fear, Jhoannes Cardoso, Pablo Diego 03:24
We Need Money Facing Fear, Marcus Prates 04:58
The Child Facing Fear 04:40
The Last Dance Facing Fear 05:00


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