Album picture of Love Sensuality Devotion: The Greatest Hits

Love Sensuality Devotion: The Greatest Hits



Album Tracks

The Landing Enigma 01:05
Turn Around Enigma 03:51
Gravity Of Love Enigma 03:58
T.N.T. For The Brain Enigma 05:17
Modern Crusaders Enigma 03:53
Shadows In Silence Enigma 04:19
Return To Innocence Enigma 04:15
I Love You... I'll Kill You Enigma 08:01
Principles Of Lust Enigma 03:08
Sadeness Enigma 04:15
Silence Must Be Heard Enigma 04:46
Smell Of Desire Enigma 04:32
Mea Culpa Enigma 04:31
Push The Limits Enigma 03:48
Beyond The Invisible Enigma 04:50
Age Of Loneliness Enigma 04:10
Morphing Thru Time Enigma 05:25
The Cross Of Changes Enigma 02:15

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