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Greatest Funkin' Hits

George Clinton


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Album Tracks

Atomic Dog (Dogs Of The World Unite Remix) George Clinton, Coolio 04:22
Flashlight (The GrooveMasters' Mix) Parliament, Q-Tip, Busta Rhymes, Ol' Dirty Bastard 06:19
Booty Body Ready For The Plush Funk Sterling Silver Starship 06:45
Bop Gun (One Nation) (Radio Edit) Ice Cube, George Clinton 04:47
Break My Heart (Stop-Tha-Bleedin' Remix) Jimmy G. & The Tackheads 05:51
Mothership Connection Starchild (Fully Equipped Mix) Parliament 07:20
Knee Deep (Deep As A Mutha Funker Remix) Funkadelic, Digital Underground 04:23
Hey Good Lookin' (Booty Enhanced Remix) George Clinton 04:41
Do Fries Go With That Shake (Know What I'm Sayin' Remix) George Clinton 04:23
Atomic Dog (Original Extended Version) George Clinton 09:58
Knee Deep (Midnight Mix) Funkadelic, Digital Underground 04:20
Mothership Connection Starchild (The Second Coming) Parliament 05:59

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