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Snap Anthology



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Album Tracks

Timeline TWISK 03:03
Please Yourself (TWISK/Spucke Split Version) TWISK 04:56
Anti-Boredom TWISK 03:08
I'm Good TWISK 03:32
Policy TWISK 04:43
The Meek TWISK 02:33
Old Days TWISK 03:12
Monday Night TWISK 02:25
Please Yourself (15-16 Version) TWISK 03:28
Slightly Goth TWISK 02:55
Loner of an Only Heart (Radio Edit) TWISK 02:08
Tired Tomorrow TWISK 02:26
Merry Axiom TWISK 02:22
This Isn't Happiness (Window Magic Reimagining) TWISK 08:55
Dawn Nation (Idon Twanna by René Huthwelker) TWISK 02:01
Silver Salute TWISK 02:06
Money for Millionaires TWISK 02:10
But to the Water TWISK 01:53


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