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Call - New Protest Songs

Various Artists


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Album Tracks

Who Does the World Stop For? Namarah 05:01
Captivity V. Shayne Frederick 03:07
Fighting for Room Victor Rodriguez, Jr. 03:44
Everybody Keisha Hutchins 05:09
I Am Here Cassendre Xavier 03:33
There Is No You Without Us Jay Fluellen 03:43
Nuff Said Venissa Santi 04:48
The Deferred Namarah 05:28
STPP (School-to-Prison Pipeline) Waverly Alston, Bethlehem Roberson 05:11
Let's Be Authentic Cassendre Xavier 04:58
To the Highest Power Victor Rodriguez, Jr. 03:42
Omigoodness Venissa Santi 03:07
Stand in Your Power Keisha Hutchins 03:49
Strength in Our Unity Jay Fluellen 03:40

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