Album picture of Touch Music Group Gold - Soul

Touch Music Group Gold - Soul

UCAS Touch, Geri Beri, Chloe Clementine, Nekia Woodard


Album Tracks

All For One Tarrance Phillips, UCAS Touch 03:26
Caught My Eye (UCAS Remix) Naomi Thompson, UCAS Touch 03:45
Celebrate My Life Tarrance Phillips, UCAS Touch 03:59
Heaven Is A Place In Your Heart Geri Beri, UCAS Touch 03:28
Never Be The Same Again (UCAS Mix) Chloe Clementine 04:07
Slave To The Music Geri Beri, UCAS Touch 03:28
Someone Like You Naomi Thompson, UCAS Touch 03:54
Until Now (Urban Mix) Nekia Woodard, UCAS Touch 04:15
What You Gonna Do Rich Rhoden, UCAS Touch 04:09
Change Me (Original Mix) William Wilson 04:22
Harmonies By Ear (Original Mix) William Wilson 03:44
Pass That Number (Original Mix) William Wilson 03:18
Take My Hand Do A Dance (Remastered 2022) William Wilson 03:54

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