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If My People (Original Soundtrack)

Various Artists


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Album Tracks

None Higher Aaron Taylor 04:10
This Is My Destiny Robyn Riddick 03:23
If My People... Robyn Riddick 02:44
No Weapon Niles Bess, Jermany Thomas 04:14
Majesty (King of Glory) Niles Bess 05:53
Forever You Are God Niles Bess 03:12
Fill Us Again Niles Bess 05:24
River of God Niles Bess 06:12
Worthy Niles Bess 06:42
Beauty Realm Niles Bess 07:24
Unity Robyn Riddick 03:02
Holy Is the Lamb Niles Bess 01:52
No Weapon (Shannon Chambers Remix) [Bonus Track] Niles Bess 05:58

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