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Karma (Remastered)



Listen to the album Karma (Remastered) by Winger

Album Tracks

Deal with the Devil (Remastered) Winger 02:59
Stone Cold Killer (Remastered) Winger 02:45
Big World Away (Remastered) Winger 03:51
Come a Little Closer (Remastered) Winger 02:49
Pull Me Under (Remastered) Winger 03:20
Supernova (Remastered) Winger 06:17
Always Within Me (Remastered) Winger 04:15
Feeding Frenzy (Remastered) Winger 03:00
After All This Time (Remastered) Winger 06:23
Witness (Remastered) Winger 06:59
First Ending (Remastered) Winger 02:05

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