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Deep Neurotic Network



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Album Tracks

Unit Test Ultraklystron 01:13
Digital Drillin Ultraklystron 02:01
Psychic Fatality Ultraklystron 01:53
Shawty Ain't Real, She An A.I. Ultraklystron 03:12
Rick Laxxx Ultraklystron 02:33
Throw Hands Like Chuchu Ultraklystron 02:35
Lain In The Drain Ultraklystron 01:42
Imposter Syndrome Ultraklystron 02:53
2AM At Denny's Ultraklystron 03:23
Simpsons Empire Office Ultraklystron 02:40
12 Foot Skeleton Ultraklystron 01:58
Artifact Ultraklystron 03:08
Swinging With My Caddy Ultraklystron 02:48


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