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Super 8



Album Tracks

Hide Away (feat. Holly) Synapson, Holly 02:55
Say My Name (feat. Taneisha Jackson) Synapson, Taneisha Jackson 03:13
All The Way Down (feat. L Marshall) Synapson, L Marshall 03:32
Souba (feat. Lass) Synapson, Lass 03:23
The Meetup (feat. Tessa B & Beat Assailant) Synapson, Beat Assailant, Tessa B. 03:40
Ce que l'on veut (feat. Tim Dup) Synapson, Tim Dup 04:13
Build Me Up (feat. Holly) Synapson, Holly 02:48
So Long (feat. Mai Lan) Synapson, Mai Lan 03:21
Night Time (feat. Beat Assailant) Synapson, Beat Assailant 03:32
Sex You Up (feat. Casey Abrams) Synapson, Casey Abrams 03:06
Do It Now (feat. Chu) Synapson, Chu 03:28
Filter Lover Pt. 1: Shoot Again (feat. Blasé) Synapson, Blasé 03:16
Filter Lover Pt. 2: Don't You (feat. Kaleem Taylor) Synapson, Kaleem Taylor 03:41

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