Album picture of Soundshock 3: FM Funk Nirvana!!

Soundshock 3: FM Funk Nirvana!!



Listen to the album Soundshock 3: FM Funk Nirvana!! by Ubiktune

Album Tracks

Modulationarism Keishi Yonao 05:00
Virtual Adventures Zabutom 04:41
Pigeons Rule Linde 02:37
Hollow Summer Extent Of The Jam 05:02
Cave Bouncer Tenfour 03:01
Escape from the Lab Chimeratio 04:20
Uchuu Rider Ahlnold 02:53
Zithro to the Max Shnabubula 05:44
The Lacustrine Beat Machine Simon Stålenhag 04:13
Taiga Stinkbug 03:33
Bass Driven CTrix 05:07
Modulation to Move the Mind Naruto, Aya Futatsuki, BouKiCHi 04:38
Shuffle On Zinger, Lunchquake 03:43
Q.C.T.L. Ryu Takami 04:14
Cascade Cave Zone, Act 1 & 2 Bomb Boy 05:42
Missed Bacter 03:54


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