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Album Tracks

Vice Vanity (Noiseshaper Remix) Sly & Robbie, Beans, Hawkman 05:24
Me Done (Noiseshaper Remix) Noiseshaper, Ari Up 05:09
The Creator Noiseshaper, Juggla 05:20
Love to the Rhythm Noiseshaper, G-Rizo 05:43
Rise Noiseshaper 03:40
You Take Control on Me Noiseshaper, Jackie Deane 05:23
The Only Redeemer Noiseshaper, Vido Jelashe 04:24
Jah Dub Noiseshaper 04:16
Moving Together Noiseshaper, Wayne Martin 02:55
All a Dem a Do Noiseshaper, Juggla 03:06
Dunk Noiseshaper 04:09
Bushmasta (Kid Kenobi Session Remix) Noiseshaper, Mc Shureshock 05:30
Walls of Silence (Tv5 Remix) Noiseshaper 04:15
Fire Fi Me Roots (Automatic Real to Reel Edit) Noiseshaper 03:48
Wake Up Noiseshaper, Jahcoustix 03:49
Rough out There (Tokio Tower Remix) Noiseshaper 04:43

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