Album picture of Talking Dreams (Deluxe Edition)

Talking Dreams (Deluxe Edition)



Album Tracks

Come Together Echosmith 04:40
Let's Love Echosmith 03:02
Cool Kids Echosmith 03:57
March into the Sun Echosmith 03:22
Come with Me Echosmith 04:12
Bright Echosmith 03:40
Talking Dreams Echosmith 03:09
Tell Her You Love Her Echosmith 04:06
Ran Off in the Night Echosmith 04:24
Nothing's Wrong Echosmith 03:34
Safest Place Echosmith 04:15
Surround You Echosmith 03:28
Up to You Echosmith 03:47
We're Not Alone Echosmith 04:07

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