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Imperial Ashes is a band born out an immense frustration with the rampant power abuse and inequality that exists in today’s world. After completing a Master’s thesis on wealth inequality and stigma, lead vocalist Rayna Elizabeth did not want to limit her voice to the confines of academia. She felt that marrying her lyrics to the power of hard rock/alternative music was the perfect vehicle for unapologetic criticisms of the grave injustices rampant in the world, and the growing sense of angst so many of us feel. Imperial Ashes blends a unique combination of Alternative Rock, Prog and Post Hardcore for explosive anthems that blend raw, visceral emotiveness, compelling melodies, and musical sophistication. A collective of seasoned musicians, the members have toured internationally and shared stages with some of the world’s biggest bands. Their years of experience culminates in a focused musical vision and the conviction to say things that others are afraid to say, tackling the world’s injustices head on through the energy of rock music.