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Colinho do Roceiro Mano Walter, Léo & Raphael 02:52
Relação Mal Resolvida Mano Walter, NATTAN 02:46
Não Deixo Não Mano Walter 03:24
O Que Houve? Mano Walter, Marília Mendonça 04:40
Fingindo Maturidade Mano Walter, Gustavo Mioto 03:09
Que Amizade É Essa Mano Walter, Maiara & Maraisa 03:00
Na Estrada da Vida Mano Walter 02:50
Juramento do Dedinho Bom Gosto, Mano Walter 02:43
Juramento do Dedinho Mano Walter 02:44
Uma Chance Pra Nós Dois Mano Walter, Tarcísio do Acordeon 03:04

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Meu Interior

by Mano Walter


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In 2016 Mano Walter became an overnight success when his live performance with Marília Mendonça took him from working musician to national treasure. Born José Walter Tenorio Lopes in Quebrangulo, a city in the Brazilian region of Alagoas. The son of a teacher and cattle rancher, he grew up with the ranching life and took up singing at an early age. He went to Palmeira dos Indios for technical schooling and it was there that he began performing.

Working with friends who owned a recording studio he put together his first album 'Cavalo Ciumento' in 2006. After working as an engineer, making music on the side and performing regularly, he began to perform on national television, appearing on shows such as 'Raul Gil' and 'Legendários'.

In 2016 he recorded his first live show DVD in Maceió, with a special appearance by Marília Mendonça. It was a hit, and the video of 'O Que Houve?' from that performance went on to rack up more than 280 million views on YouTube over the next three years, hitting nearly 3,000 plays on Brazilian radio. Since then he has released 'Sem Rótulos' (2018) and 'Ao Vivo Em Sao Paulo' (2019).