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Centuries of Lies Obituary 02:08
Dying Obituary 04:30
The End Complete Obituary 04:03
Visions in My Head Obituary 04:14
Chopped in Half Obituary 03:45
Infected Obituary 05:35
Brave Obituary 02:14
Redneck Stomp Obituary 03:32
Back on Top Obituary 04:30
Ten Thousand Ways to Die Obituary 03:15

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During a career spanning more than 30 years, the Tampa Bay death metal band Obituary have released just ten albums. Despite this small amount of recorded work the band are still considered to be one of the most successful death metal bands of all time and will always be remembered as a pivotal force in the creation of the death metal movement. Their lack of creative output can be attributed to multiple personnel changes (three different bass players and six guitarists) and a six-year year hiatus from recording and performing between 1997 and 2003.

Three founding members of the band still remain in the line-up - rhythm guitarist Trevor Peres, drummer Donald Tardy and his brother John who acts as frontman and vocalist. The band started out life under the name Executioner and after changing to Obituary released their debut album 'Slowly We Rot' in 1989 followed up by 'Cause of Death' in 1990. Despite very limited commercial success the two albums inspired a new generation of heavy metal bands eager to join them in death metal. In recent years they have enjoyed a revival of fortunes following increasing interest in death metal and perform gigs to audiences around the world.