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Hanan Ben Ari

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אם תרצי Hanan Ben Ari 02:56
אלוף העולם Hanan Ben Ari 03:35
על משכבי Moshe Peretz, Hanan Ben Ari 03:57
אמן על הילדים Hanan Ben Ari 03:38
רגע Hanan Ben Ari 04:31
שמש Hanan Ben Ari 03:58
החיים שלנו תותים Hanan Ben Ari 04:00
מה אתה רוצה ממני Hanan Ben Ari 03:57
ויקיפדיה Hanan Ben Ari 03:33
אדון הסליחות E-Z, Hanan Ben Ari 03:10

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Live 2022 (Live)

by Hanan Ben Ari


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Hanan Ben-Ari, one of the most beloved, successful, and intriguing singer-songwriters in Israeli music today, with two albums and one more on the way, and countless hits for which he wrote exemplary lyrics and on which he dressed inspiring melodies and heart and ear openers. Ben Ari's many hits have garnered in just five years of career, songs like "Hachaim Shelanu Tutim," "Ima Im Hayiti," "Wikipedia," "Ma Ata Rotze Mimeni," "Aluf HaOlam," "Shemesh," "Im Tirzi," "Amen Al HaYeladim" and more, are constantly played on radio stations and in millions of views on various networks, and cause a vast and diverse audience to reach his unforgettable performances.