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Nolwenn Collet is a French pianist and composer who produces music mainly for ballet. Her style reflects her love of expressive melodies and poetry, and her work explores the links between music, movement, nature and emotions. In 2014, her album of music for pre-ballet class “Les Petits”, got international recognition following an article in American Dance Teacher Magazine and her CDs started to sell internationally. Classically trained in Paris Conservatoires, of which the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris, Nolwenn Collet has the ability to write and perform music in a rich variety of styles including her own. Nolwenn grew up in a family of music teachers and her childhood years spent on a Pacific island, {New-Caledonia}, nourished a strong link with nature and a keen and constant interest in other cultures. At the heart of each of her albums, there is the strong desire to help us establish connections: with others, with our artistic heritage, with ourselves and with nature. If there was a word to represent Nolwenn Collet’s discography, that would be the word “Journey”. Sometimes, cinematic, cultural, imaginary, personal yet universal. Her deep understanding of the relationship between music and dance, combined with her ability to create music that reflects the physical challenges and artistic sensitivities of particular cohorts, be they very young children, adolescent dancers or pre-professional elites, make her work stand out. Nolwenn Collet's music is also an invitation to take a journey.. beyond the dance studio.