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I grew up in a musical family, learning violin, cello and trumpet by the time I turned ten years old. Eventually I taught myself to play guitar and drums. I've since spent my life pushing my boundaries, embracing music of the past while welcoming sounds of the future. By combining organic instruments with modern technology, my goal has been to create modern-edged music that's both classic and contemporary. My approach extends to several instruments, criss-crossing through a variety of styles. From melodic piano, to blazing rock guitar, to the epic vastness of a full orchestra, I often work from a producer's perspective, to convey stories inspired by atmosphere and imagination. My hope is to create compositions that reflect the beauty of what's real and genuine, evoking cinematic stories with emotional moments that draw the listener in. I was born and raised in New York, but have since settled in Portland, Oregon, drawing upon the many inspirations found throughout the Pacific Northwest.