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Ice Cream (Featuring Matias Aguayo) Battles 04:36
Futura Battles 06:17
Africastle Battles 05:48
Sundome (Featuring Yamantaka Eye) Battles 07:47
Inchworm Battles 04:52
Wall Street Battles 05:24
Toddler Battles 01:11
Rolls Bayce Battles 02:06
Dominican Fade Battles 01:48
Atlas Battles 07:07

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An experimental rock band from New York, Battles live in their own weird and wonderful world, using all manner of analogue effects to create strange, rhythmic, stomping grooves. Formed in 2002 when a group of friends from various local underground bands realised that the math rock scene wasn't going to take over the world, Ian Williams (guitar), Tyondai Braxton (guitar, keyboards), Dave Konopko (bass) and John Stanier (drums) were signed to legendary avant garde label Warp Records. Featuring jittery polyrhythms and vocal effects which made Braxton sound like an alien gargling, debut album Mirrored (2007) drew rave reviews and - along with single Atlas - was hailed as one of the most strikingly original things heard in years. Braxton left in 2010, but the band returned with Gloss Drop (2011) featuring guest vocalists Gary Numan, Kazu Makino (Blonde Redhead) and Japanese singer Yamantaka Eye. Continuing to dance between the lines of ingenious and ridiculous, the album was regarded by many as their finest moment yet, and confirmed the group's reputation as innovative oddballs of the art rock world.