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Elsa Kopf

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Larmes de caramel Elsa Kopf 03:06
Moonrise Elsa Kopf 02:40
Mai en moi Elsa Kopf 01:58
The Ship Elsa Kopf 03:12
My Babe Elsa Kopf 02:41
April Elsa Kopf 02:17
Nightwalk Elsa Kopf 02:25
Me In May Elsa Kopf 01:59
Dreams Behind the Door Elsa Kopf 02:22
Rising Days Elsa Kopf 04:16

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Mai en moi
The Ship

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In 2011, she shared the most beautiful of her acoustic joys with us in a delectable album in the cross section between folk and jazz. This year, Elsa Kopf is returning with “Marvelously Dangerous”, 11 songs born in the salon-studio of her longtime friend, Pierre Faa. Over the past ten years, Elsa has been a regular visitor to the architect of the trio Peppermoon, sharing the reciprocated desire to write and record a collection of songs together. The only thing left to do was take the plunge. They did this over the summer of 2012, when the two friends decided to share the bill for several concert dates. We know Elsa Kopf for the richness of her melodies and rhythms – combinations of swing, bossa nova, and jazz – as well as for the delicate timbre of her voice. All of these qualities are highlighted in Pierre Faa’s arrangements that grace each song with subtle, digital embroidery: keys, loops, echoes, and delays weave a perfect harmony between two artists who know and complement each other well. Elsa sings in English, French, and Spanish, the languages that have accompanied her throughout her life from her birthplace in Strasbourg to Argentina and Spain, places where she has lived and regularly returns. She draws from these three palettes of vocabulary and sonority at will, palettes upon which her timbre unfurls in all its nuances. In short, “Marvelously Dangerous” is a splendid herbarium of nostalgic and sassy stories, garnished by heady melodies. With Elsa Kopf, the musical worlds of Feist and Stacey Kent are never far away, but here they have gotten some sun.