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Since 2015, Lena, Matteo, Vincent and Gregory play music together to talk about what they feel in a either kind or violent world. Like musicians raised in a rock’n’roll barrel. Since 2015, the captivating voice of a mermaid breaks the classic Rock’n’Roll traditions with her harp, seated on a heavy rhythmic section. After 5 years on the road, it’s time to record the first LP. They work with their friend and talented producer Valentin Montu (Cyril Mokaiesh, Granville, Calogero) and record at the 4A Sound Factory Studio, in the middle of the Normandy’s countryside. In this peaceful atmosphere, they record live and add arrangements with the help of Valentin. This 1st LP, Mood Disorders, is coming out on June 11th, released by Monstre Sonore / WTPL / PIAS / Believe.