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Car Pets is a Dutch indie-rock band that is always trying to surprise the listener and themselves with their music. The band consists of three members. They use drums, guitar, synthesizer and bass (and in the song Metal Metal Steel also a vacuum cleaner) to get their sound across. As soon as they hit something funny, melodic or idiotic during their weekly jam-sessions they press record on their laptop and capture whatever they come up with in that moment. They get the biggest kick in trying to replicate a ‘mistake’ and make that the main hook of a song. If a song is going on for too long or gets too predictable, they immediately challenge themselves to come up with a quirky new melody or time signature. Car Pets’ songs tend to be short but packed with ideas and excitement.Rugs will be the third album by Car Pets. They plan to release 4 individual songs and then the full album which contains 9 tracks in total. They get inspiration from bands like Parquet Courts, Black Lips and Parcels. Website: