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Nataaoki Natanael Cano, Steve Aoki 02:30
Amor Tumbado Natanael Cano 03:41
Kong 2.0 Steve Aoki, Natanael Cano 03:22
Brillo Natanael Cano 02:34
Así Tocó Mi Vida Adriel Favela, Natanael Cano 04:10
Arriba Natanael Cano 02:54
El Drip Natanael Cano 02:22
Sin Ti Natanael Cano 03:09
Porte Exuberante Natanael Cano, Óscar Maydon 03:33
Vengo De Nada Ovi, Alemán, Big Soto, Natanael Cano 03:41

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Kong 2.0

by Steve Aoki, Natanael Cano


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The creator of the unique genre “urbano regional,” which combines the traditional corrido themes with rap, trap, and hip-hop, Natanael Cano (May 1st, 2001) is a Regional Mexican artist from Hermosillo, Sonora. He developed an interest in music from a very early age, teaching himself how to play guitar by watching Ariel Camacho videos. After dropping out of high school at the age of 16, Natanael Cano began uploading original material to his video streaming channel, catching the attention of producer Jimmy Humilde, head of the indie label Rancho Humilde. With the support of the label, the young corrido artist made waves in the contemporary Regional Mexican scene with early singles like “El de la Coedina,” “Perfecta," and “El F1.” A digital mini-album titled Todo Es Diferente arrived in 2019 and was followed by his breakthrough single “Soy el Diablo,” which found an unlikely champion in Bad Bunny, spawning a subsequent remix featuring the Puerto Rican reggaeton artist. On Halloween 2019, Natanael Cano dropped his full-length Corridos Tumbados, quickly achieving pole position on the Mexican charts and paving the way for his sophomore effort Mi Nuevo Yo. His hot streak continued in 2020 with the albums Corridos Tumbados, Vol. 2, Trap Tumbado, Soy El Nata, and Las 3 Torres, which included guest spots by Junior H, Ovi, Ozuna, and Snoop Dogg. In 2021, Natanael Cano issued the LP El Nata and the single “Amor Tumbado,” a new version of Mi Nuevo Yo's opening track featuring pop singer Alejandro Fernández.