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SYTË is a band from Kosovo. Their style is impossible to pigeonhole, though it lands somewhere between alternative R&B and indie-pop. Originally a duo, the group formed back when vocalist Nita Kaja was visiting Prishtina and met future partner and band mate Drin Tashi. Nita left New Jersey for Prishtina and the duo worked on their first EP together. They have since evolved into a four-piece band, having teamed up with drummer Granit Havolli and bassist Fatlind Ferati. They are known for their electrifying performances and have played a number of well-known festivals like Pop Kultur Festival, Sunny Hill Festival and Localize Festival to name a few. The group has recently released their first album “Divine Computer”. The ten track epic is a futuristic thrill ride through the world of electronic pop and beyond. Their record saw international success, even being picked up by a number of major press outlets.