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Helvegen Wardruna 07:11
Voluspá Wardruna 06:20
Raido Wardruna 04:45
Rotlaust Tre Fell Wardruna 04:11
Solringen Wardruna 06:30
Tyr Wardruna 06:28
Grá Wardruna 03:33
Skugge Wardruna 06:38
Heimta Thurs Wardruna 04:18
Løyndomsriss Wardruna 03:15

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The Norwegian music constellation Wardruna are a group renowned for their innovative and genre-creating renditions of older Nordic traditions. Composer Einar Selvik patiently initiated the group in the early 2000s together with Lindy-Fay Hella and former member Gaahl. Since the debut album in 2009, Wardruna have had vast worldwide success, transcending music genres, cultures and languages. The group has previously charted in both Germany and the UK and topped the North American Billboard World-music chart for several consecutive weeks. The group's massive musical contributions to History Channel ́s TV series VIKINGS has further exposed their music to a broad audience worldwide. Since then, they have performed sold out shows worldwide, including major festival headline appearances (Red Rock Amphitheatre, Castle Fest, Hellfest, Summer Breeze, Roadburn, Echoes & Merveilles, Rock oz Arenes, Rock the Coast and many more). Wardruna merge the academic with the pop cultural and their thorough and serious approach has made them one of today’s foremost communicators of Norse culture. Wardruna´s upcoming album «Kvitravn» is set for a worldwide release on January 22nd 2021.