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Sugar Mama Baby Steve Arrington 04:57
Keep Dreamin' Steve Arrington 04:52
The Joys of Love Steve Arrington 05:06
Dancin' in the Key of Life Steve Arrington 04:57
Hump to the Bump Steve Arrington 04:03
Last Nite / Nite Before Steve Arrington 04:50
The Jammin' National Anthem Steve Arrington 04:57
Feel so Real Steve Arrington 05:06
Good Mood Steve Arrington 02:51
Make A Difference Steve Arrington 03:21

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Feel so Real
Dancin' in the Key of Life
She Just Don't Know
Willie Mae

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Soul/R&B drummer, singer, songwriter, and producer Steve Arrington was born in Dayton, Ohio on March 5, 1956. He’s best known for his work with R&B group Slave in the late 1970s and early 1980s as well as his solo career. His music career began in the mid-1970s when he played in local bands including lounge act the Murphys. He relocated to San Francisco, California and began performing and studying with members of the Latin percussionists Pete Escovedo, Coke Escovedo, and Sheila E. (Escovedo). In 1978, he joined funk band Slave just in time to appear on their third album, The Concept. Initially, he joined the band as backing vocalist and percussionist but graduated to lead vocalist. As the frontman for Slave, Steve Arrington’s vocals carried some of the group’s most popular hits including "Just a Touch of Love", "Watching You", and "Wait for Me". Steve Arrington quit Slave in 1983 and formed his own solo project, Steve Arrington’s Hall of Fame. The group released two partially successful albums – Steve Arrington’s Hall of Fame (1983) and Positive Power (1984) – before he chose to continue as a solo artist. He released the album Dancin’ in the Key of Life (1985), which featured the hits “Feel So Real” and “Dancin’ in the Key of Life”. He found religion in 1986 and after two more studio albums – The Jammin’ National Anthem (1986) and Jam Packed (1987) - before leaving the music business to pursue a career as a minister. He returned to soul and pop music with the release of his 2009 album Pure Thang. Five years later, he released Way Out (80-84), a collection of previously unavailable recordings. Signing with Stones Throw Records, Steve Arrington released the album Down to the Lowest Terms: the Soul Sessions (2020), which featured production by Knxwledge, J Rocc, Jerry Paper, and others.