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Soul Rebel The Gladiators 03:57
Dreadlocks The Time Is Now The Gladiators 03:02
Look Is Deceiving The Gladiators 02:32
Bellyfull The Gladiators 02:19
Jah Glory The Gladiators 06:53
Stick A Bush Gladiators 02:26
Lonely Heart The Gladiators 04:48
Jah Glory The Gladiators 04:34
War Is Over The Gladiators 04:08
Hello Carrol The Gladiators 05:07

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Jah Garden
Good Good Loving
War Is Over
War Is Over (Dub)

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Led by Jamaicans roots reggae legend Albert Griffiths, the Gladiators enjoyed domestic fame and international attention during the 1970s, when the Kingston-based group recorded classic albums like Trenchtown Mix Up and Proverbial Reggae. The band formed in 1968 and underwent a series of lineup changes throughout the following decades, with singer/guitarist Albert Griffiths, bassist Clinton Fearon, and rhythm guitarist Gallimore Sutherland emerging as the Gladiators' longest-running members. Although their early recordings with producer Coxsone Dodd made them stars in Jamaica, where songs like "Hello Carol" topped the charts, the Gladiators became an international act after signing with Virgin Records in 1976. Trenchtown Mix Up was released that same year, followed by 1978's Proverbial Reggae and 1979's Naturality. The popularity of roots reggae music waned steadily throughout the years that followed, replaced by newer sub-genres like ragga and dancehall. Even so, the Gladiators remained prolific, releasing albums like 1985's Country Life, 1991's Valley of Decision, and 2005's Fathers and Sons. Albert Griffiths was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and retired from touring in 2006, with his sons Alan and Anthony joining the band in his absence. He passed away at age 74 on December 15, 2020.