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Can U Deliver Armored Saint 03:35
Saturday Night Special Armored Saint 04:23
Reign Of Fire Armored Saint 03:57
Seducer Armored Saint 03:50
March Of The Saint Armored Saint 04:13
Isolation Armored Saint 05:54
End of the Attention Span Armored Saint 05:13
Last Train Home Armored Saint 05:19
Do Wrong to None Armored Saint 05:06
Missile to Gun Armored Saint 04:23

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While most people associate the
1980s L.A. scene metal with big hair, sexy sleaze, and power ballads, Armored Saint
specialized in the hard-driving type of metal pioneered by British acts like
Judas Priest. The band started with high school classmates Dave Prichard (guitar),
Gonzo Sandoval (drums), and Gonzo’s brother Phil Sandoval (guitar). They original
five-man lineup solidified with the additions of Joey Vera (bass) and John Bush
(vocals) in 1982. Their eponymous debut EP in 1983 led to a record deal with the
major label Chrysalis. They released a trio of albums for the label (1984’s March
of the Saint
, 1985’s Delirious Nomad, and 1987’s Raising Fear)
and although they were well known among metalheads, they never achieved the
breakout success of other metal acts. They rejoined Metal Blade at the end of
the 80s, but tragedy struck when Dave Pritchard died of leukemia in 1990. The
group managed one more album, 1991’s Symbol of Salvation, before going
on an extended hiatus during which time Bush became the lead singer of Anthrax.
It took nearly a decade, but the band reformed for 2000’s Revelation, and
they toured together in 2006 after Anthrax parted ways with Bush. They managed
a new album, La Raza, in 2010, and 2015’s Win Hands Down, was a
top 40 album in Germany. Nearly forty years into their star-crossed career,
they issued Punching the Sky in October of 2020.