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Jeanne Mas

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En rouge et noir Jeanne Mas 04:28
Toute première fois Jeanne Mas 04:18
Toute première fois Jeanne Mas 06:58
Johnny, Johnny Jeanne Mas 04:24
Incertaine Jeanne Mas 04:50
Sauvez-moi Jeanne Mas 03:57
Bébé rock Jeanne Mas 05:20
Johnny, Johnny Jeanne Mas 04:16
Coeur en stéréo Jeanne Mas 07:11
Alexandre M Jeanne Mas 05:23

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Jeanne Mas is a pop singer who was born in Spain but studied in Paris and Rome before her singles 'Toute Première Fois' and 'Johnny, Johnny' garnered widespread attention in the early 1980s. Vastly popular in France and across Europe, her studio albums include 'Jeanne Mas' (1985), 'Les Crises de l'âme' (1989), 'Jeanne Mas & Les Égoïstes' (1996), 'Désir d'Insolence' (2000), 'Les Amants De Castille' (2003), 'The Missing Flowers' (2006), 'Be West' (2008), 'Bleu Citron' (2011), 'Made in France' (2012), 'H2-Eau' (2014), 'PH' (2017) and 'Goodbye Je Reviendrai' (2019). She has appeared in several films including 'Stars 80' in 2012.