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Eres Sorprendente Marcos Witt 03:37
Temprano yo te buscaré Marcos Witt 03:05
Tu fidelidad Marcos Witt 02:40
En los Montes en los Valles Marcos Witt 05:25
Tu mirada Marcos Witt 02:08
Renuévame Marcos Witt 02:44
La Luz Su Presencia, Marcos Witt 04:01
Somos el pueblo de Dios Marcos Witt 05:21
Sana Nuestra Tierra Marcos Witt 06:12
Temprano Yo Te Buscaré Marcos Witt 09:30

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Marcos Witt is a well-known musician, singer and composer. He was born in San Antonio, Texas. He grew up in Durango, Mexico, as a son of missionaries, where he completed his basic studies and his first musical studies. He’s considered one of the pioneers in Spanish Christian music, as well as one of the most loved representatives and promoters of this musical genre, representing Christian Music in Latin America, and performing massive concerts in many countries. He has recorded 43 albums, 10 DVD’s and 9 singles, and has sold several millions of copies worldwide. He has been awarded with five Latin GRAMMY®, two Billboard Awards, and has received many other nominations and awards. His live performances summon crowds in Latin America ́s main venues, some of them before audiences over 80,000 people. Marcos has become one of the most influential leading figures in the history of Christianity in Latin America, not only as a singer and composer, but as a speaker, author, thinker and a leading voice for all Latin American community. Nowadays, Marcos travels around the world to coach and help others to reach their full potential through healthy, real and applicable principles. His desire is to be known as somebody who motivates and promotes others. Presently, he lives in Houston, Texas, with his wife, Miriam. They have four children, Elena, Jonathan, Kristofer and Carlos, and two grandkids, Krystal and Marcos.