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Lovely Bloodflow Baths 03:35
Baths 03:17
Maximalist Baths 03:19
Aminals Baths 03:18
Apologetic Shoulder Blades Baths 02:29
Miasma Sky Baths 04:33
Rafting Starlit Everglades Baths 03:52
Tropic Laurel Baths 03:40
Hall Baths 03:31
Departure Baths 04:48

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Apologetic Shoulder Blades
Lovely Bloodflow

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The classically trained singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Will Wiesenfeld first emerged as Baths in 2009. Merging the glitchy, punishing gloom of L.A.’s beat scene with sunnier melodies and a gorgeous falsetto, Baths’ perfect pop became an instant sensation. It was as experimental as it was comforting, a warm blanket made from the rarest linens. Publications like Pitchfork heaped praise on his debut album, 2010’s Cerulean, which codified the sound; Obsidian (2013) chronicled Wiesenfeld’s recovery from a ghastly illness, and received even more raves. While his bittersweet opus, 2017’s Romaplasm, explored the emotional crevices often ignored in polite company or at stilted cocktail parties -- cementing his place in the firmament of approachable but masterful pop songwriters.