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Muri me jurija (feat. Wikluh Sky) Prti Bee Gee, Wikluh Sky 03:03
TAI masaža Prti Bee Gee 02:18
Roditelji (feat. DJ Mrki) Prti Bee Gee, DJ Mrki 03:16
Najjači u kraju (feat. DJ Mrki) Prti Bee Gee, DJ Mrki 02:18
Počasna turneja (feat. DJ Mrki) Prti Bee Gee, DJ Mrki 02:26
Cigging (feat. Ajs Nigrutin & DJ Mrki) Prti Bee Gee, Ajs Nigrutin, DJ Mrki 03:43
Gram ujutru (feat. Wikluh Sky) Prti Bee Gee, Wikluh Sky 04:16
Intro Prti Bee Gee 00:48
20cm mađije Prti Bee Gee 03:42
Rep družina (feat. Bvana iz lagune) Prti Bee Gee, Bvana iz lagune 02:46

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Pet + 1

by Prti Bee Gee


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Prti Bee Gee is one of the most important and influential hip-hop groups in Serbia. Formed in Belgrade in 2000, the band consists of three members: Mikri Maus, Eufrat Kurajber and Moskri, who is probably the most authentic and original phenomenon in the history of Serbian rap music in general. The band became popular in 2001 when their first hit "Pajp" came out, which they made in collaboration with another very important figure of Serbian hip-hop, Ajs Nigrutin. In the same year, for One Records, they released their first album " Grejtest Hits ", which soon gained cult status. Their lyrics mostly deal with themes like crime, street violence as well as drug addiction (which is why Moskri introduces the famous phrase “Heroin rap” in the song Air-Max, this expression represents a description of their unique style). Together with members of the band Bad Copy and Bvana, they participated in the 43zla project in 2004. The band experienced a tragedy in 2005 when Moskri died. This certainly represents a turning point in the work of the band, which continues to work with the other two members. Their second album "Moskri 77-05" was released in 2006, and they dedicated it to a deceased friend, and the songs from the album were recorded during his lifetime. The third album is "Tačno u pre podne" released in 2007. Next albums are "Bez šećera" (2011) and "Petarda" (2016). After five years break Prti Bee Gee finally released sixth album "Pet + 1" in 2021 for Mascom Records.