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Rémi Orts is a composer arranger, multi-instrumentalist from the south of France. He is a member of the SACEM (Société des Auteurs, Compositeurs et Éditeurs de Musique) and he is specialized in instrumental new age music, progressive rock , Soundtracks and Sound design. Rémi is passionate about music since his young age. Creation is for him a vital need, a kind of expression, communication. His mother, who was a piano teacher, taught him to play piano. Then he learned to play guitar, bass and drums. He studied harmony, music theory and afterwards computer-assisted music. Moreover, Rémi is a trainer certified Steinberg, a prestigious German company of music computerized softwares. Thanks to the power of internet, his albums are sold on the main legal download platforms allowing him to be worldwide well-known in his kind of music. His style is unique, each album has a single color, a single soul. He likes to develop a theme that it describes in music. He is sometimes a music documentary designer. The matters he deals about are linked with unexplained experiences and phenomena, and according to his collaborations, look like testimonies, messages.