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The Ceremony Randy Resnick 04:31
Come With Me Randy Resnick 02:27
Triangles Randy Resnick 00:56
Enough 2020 Randy Resnick 03:06
Pillow Talk Randy Resnick 03:24
Vibery Randy Resnick 03:00
In Her Dreams Randy Resnick 03:39
Resist Randy Resnick 02:08
Voyage Randy Resnick 03:04
The Heart is a Lonely Punter Randy Resnick 02:01

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Randy Resnick is an American guitarist and saxophonist who has played with many prominent blues and jazz musicians, such as Don "Sugarcane" Harris, John Lee Hooker, John Mayall, Canned Heat and Freddie King. He was developing both one- and two-handed tapping style in the early 1970s. He published a CD of his own music in 1995, "To Love" under the name Randy Rare. There is an example of his tapping work in the recording from that CD below. In 2020, he began publishing new music, much of it on saxophone, on the streaming platforms like Spotify, Tidal (service) and iTunes under his own Each Hit label. Return to the concert stage, October 2012: Canned Heat leader Fito de la Parra called Resnick to replace Harvey Mandel, who had to fly back to California for a family emergency. In 2018, he began playing and composing on saxophone and electronic wind instruments and has published much of this work on streaming platforms.