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Rotten To The Core Overkill 04:59
Coma Overkill 05:22
Horrorscope Overkill 05:49
Deny the Cross Overkill 04:42
Elimination Overkill 04:35
Out on the Road-Kill Overkill 04:41
Time to Kill Overkill 06:16
Drunken Wisdom Overkill 06:17
The Years of Decay Overkill 08:00
Playing with Spiders / Skullkrusher Overkill 10:15

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Time to Kill
I Hate


Nothing to Die For

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A pivotal part of the East Coast heavy metal scene of the 1980s, Overkill were the first thrash band signed to a major label and have continued to blaze a high voltage, aggressive whirlwind of chaotic rock thunder ever since. Bass player D.D. Verni was originally part of a raucous punk band, but when front man Bobby Blitz joined in 1980 they renamed themselves after a Motörhead song, became heavier, faster and louder and gradually built a cult following thanks to demo album 'Power in Black' and their popular self-titled EP.

Despite not receiving the acclaim of the 'big four' metal acts of the era (Megadeth, Anthrax, Slayer and Metallica), they went on to release the influential, landmark albums 'Taking Over' in 1987, 'The Years of Decay' in 1989 and 'Horrorscope' in 1991 and were widely admired for their breakneck speed and anarchic theatrics. The birth of grunge in the 1990s made metal highly unfashionable, but the band were sustained by a loyal underground following and in recent years received a resurgence in interest with 2010 album 'Ironbound' being regarded by many as among their finest work. They even made it to number 31 in the US Charts with 'White Devil Armory' in 2014 and released their 18th studio album 'The Grinding Wheel' two years later. After much anticipation, Overkill released their 19th studio album 'The Wings of War' in 2019 and embarked on a North American tour.