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Jim Mullin has a brand new album that is due to be released in late 2021. The first single, “The Dream” is available on all digital platforms this March. The charged and dynamic release also features a breathtaking music video that tells the story of Jim's real-life journey from a dream of starting a clothing brand to New York Fashion Week and beyond. The track takes a deep dive into the trials and tribulations of failure and the sweet moments of success, living the dream. The lyrical composition is deep and powerful, and the video expresses the real story in a striking way. Previously, Jim has released his most popular album “3”. This record won the hearts and minds of a huge number of fans worldwide. The numbers from this album helped Jim to connect to his listeners with heart-wrenching songs about life, kindness, relationships, and much more. However, the artist is also very diverse and eclectic. You may have heard the artist’s music on popular television shows such as The Real World, Road Rules, Killing Eve, Stranger Things, and The Bad Girls Club on E! to mention a few. Jim is an inspiring artist whose music and fashion uplift his fans and changes the world. In Jim’s own words, “hold your head up and keep doing what you do”. This sentiment is at the heart of Jim’s successful and prolific career as he continues to innovate and create cutting-edge music. His style and musical approach are always new and fresh, yet there is always something authentic and honest at the heart of his work.