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Je me casse Destiny 02:58
KURT COBAIN Saske, Grandbois, Destiny 02:53
All of My Love Destiny, B-OK 03:05
Pon Pon Destiny, KBP el Terrorista 03:00
Play It Cool Destiny 03:30
On Me Albee Al, Destiny 03:05
Te recorde SHDW, Destiny 02:49
Clue Destiny 03:18
Subhanallah Destiny, Nasyid, Selawat, Zikir 03:19
Tell Me Where Darius Twyman, Destiny 03:53

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Wasted Love

by Destiny


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Destiny is a talented performer with a sultry voice that can rock any platform she is given. Her captivating, high energy performances captures the audience, making them deeply feel every note she sings. Hailing from Athens, Alabama, Destiny’s childhood dream and early start in music began in the church choir. She drew early influences from Destiny’s Child, specifically Beyoncé, Billie Holiday and Etta James, which can be heard through her vocal runs. The “Let You Go” and “Savage” singer’s Contemporary R&B sound lays perfectly on hot beats that will leave you wanting more.