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Electro Deluxe

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Keep My Baby Dancing Electro Deluxe 06:30
Do Your Thang Electro Deluxe 03:54
Liar Electro Deluxe 06:48
Keep My Baby Dancing Electro Deluxe 06:39
Twist Her Electro Deluxe 04:34
Smoke Electro Deluxe 04:11
Paramount Electro Deluxe 06:38
Free Yourself Electro Deluxe 04:14
Point G Electro Deluxe 04:57
All Alone Electro Deluxe 03:58

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No Dance
Back to the Riddle

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ELECTRO DELUXE a wolf in sheeps clothing, have kept their name, even as their music has evolved into a dirty mélange of organic, groove heavy Jazz, Funk, and pure jubilation, while dressed to kill. With the talent to cross-over into other genres, they have enjoyed critical and commercial success in their home country of France with each of their last 4 albums going to #1 in the jazz charts and reaching the top 10 in the pop charts, while performing entirely in English. Famous for their electrifying live performances, they have been selling out venues and playing at the most prestigious Jazz & Pop festivals around Europe since 2001. With their latest independent release CIRCLE, ELECTRO DELUXE have come full circle with their groove. With an emphasis on live session recordings, and original vintage instrumentation, CIRCLE captures the remarkable sound, and more importantly, the soul of ELECTRO DELUXE. Naked, uninhibited, and sincere.