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Royalty Egzod, Maestro Chives, Neoni 03:43
DARKSIDE Neoni 02:48
Army Besomorph, Arcando, Neoni 03:23
Champion Neoni, Burnboy 03:53
WONDERLAND Neoni 03:17
Carry on Wayward Son Neoni 02:58
Never Say Die Neoni 04:00
LOSER Neoni 03:22
Chemicals Besomorph, Neoni 02:19
SANCTUARY Neoni 02:54

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Combining modern alternative pop and rock with electronic music Neoni is a recognized name in Alt Z. Sisters Caitlin and Sid cut their teeth young playing live music festivals and gigs around America and launched the Neoni project in May of 2019. Since launching Neoni they built an extensive catalog of new music and are now their debut EP ✪ Wars in a Wonderland ✪ released August 2021. Since launching Neoni they have collaborated with Besomorph, Egzod, Layto, Rival, Zayde Wølf, Arcando, UNSECRET, M.I.M.E, Silverberg x Saint Cardinal, burnboy, Jung Youth and smle and more. 
 Their music has been shared on many of YouTube's largest music channels including NCS, CloudKid, Trap Nation, Trap City, MrSuicideSheep, xKito and more.